[Talk-cz] Adding housenumbers with StreetComplete

Tobias Zwick osm na westnordost.de
Neděle Listopad 12 18:46:29 UTC 2017

Hi, I am the author of StreetComplete, an Android app with with which
surveyors can add data to the map directly. More Info here:

Amongst other things, the app incites its users to add housenumbers to
buildings. I have read that in your country, most (all?) housenumbers
are imported from an official source. But it is not clear to me whether
this happens regularly, if this means that housenumbers should not be
added from OSM users etc.

On the wiki documentation
, it is only documented that a housenumber (possibly?) has more than
just a housenumber, but also a conscription number etc.

So that is why I would like to ask you whether adding any housenumbers
on building outlines) should be disabled for your country in the app.
Ideally, the linked wiki should be updated to reflect the decision made.

To help you decide on this, here are some facts about what the app does:

When are users prompted to enter a housenumber?

1. Exclusively for buildings tagged as house, residential, apartments,
   detached, terrace, hotel, dormitory, houseboat, school, civic,
   college, university, public, hospital, kindergarten, train_station,
   retail, commercial. Notably not for building=yes

2. Only for buildings which do not contain (or contain on outline) any
   node that is tagged with a housenumber or -name

3. Only for buildings that are not contained in a larger area that
   already has a housenumber or -name (such as schools, hospitals,
   campuses etc)

What tags do the users enter?

Users can enter either a addr:housenumber or a addr:housename.
Alternatively, they can leave an OSM note in which they can explain the
situation and optionally attach a photo.
No tags are replaced by this app, the users can only add data. They can
neither delete previously entered housenumbers nor merge housenumbers
from nodes onto a building outline and as said above, are also not
prompted to supply a housenumber for buildings that already contain a
housenumber node.

By the way, if there are certain , i.e. that the housenumber is not
sufficient because there are other numbers as well on the housenumber
sign (conscriptionnumber, streetnumber, provisionalnumber), then, the
form to input the housenumber could be adapted for within the Czech
Republic to also ask for the conscription number (etc?).
But first I need to know if adding housenumbers via this app in your
country is something that makes sense at all.


You might want to follow the forum thread in the Norway and Netherlands
forum where I asked the same question:
Norway - https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=671651
Netherlands - https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=671650
I also asked the same question on the Denmark mailing list.

(All of the above countries do regular imports of housenumbers from an
official source).


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