[Talk-de] Hello from England

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Di Jun 30 07:56:02 UTC 2009

On 29 Jun 2009, at 18:05, Peter Dörrie wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> thanks for taking the time to keep in contact with communities from  
> other countries. I personally think that it would be a great idea to  
> hear from you (or others from the foundation) more frequently on the  
> talk-de list.
> I am personally not very afraid that the whole license issue will  
> turn up something bad. As you said, you are OSMers like us, so why  
> should you implement something bad?
> But there is another topic, where involvement of you and OSMers from  
> other countries would be greatly appreciated from my point of view.  
> There have been some very lively discussions on this mailing list  
> about the future of OSM regarding decision making processes and  
> mapping standards. Maybe it is due to us being German, but it seems  
> to me that many people feel that there should be some kind of  
> formalised "leadership" in the mapping communities. I do not want to  
> pitch any concrete idea myself, but I think that this is something  
> which should be discussed intensively on an international level and  
> that your opinion would be valued.

What kind of "leadership"? What have been the sides of this debate?



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