[Talk-de] Probleme mit Fahrrad-Fußgänger-Routing etc.

Jürgen Frank osm at juergen-frank.de
Mi Mai 13 14:10:19 UTC 2009

Habe gerade im Forum folgende sehr interessante Mail gelesen:

"Normal style-file can't provide good pedestrian routing, because the  
"pedestrian" setting on Garmin GPS is simply not working like people  
expect it to work. What it does is simply allowing more ways (like  
footways) to be taken into the routing, and not respecting oneway  
streets or turn-restrictions. It does not change the priority -  
meaning speed and road class of ways however (or incorrectly).  
Therefore a highway will still be prefered over a footway if they run  
side by side even though you switched to pedestrian routing in the  
menu setting.

To get proper pedestrian (or also bicylce, mountainbiking, hiking)  
routing you have to change roadclass and speedclass so that it fits  
the user class and use the GPS in Car/Motorcycle setting cause that's  
the only one that works correctly. (maybe emergency does work nicely  
too, I'm playing around with it). You therefore have to exclude any  
motorways or trunk roads from the routable types.

Difficult solution for a problem that seems simple. But as Garmin  
didn't think alot (because they don't offer any maps that provide  
pedestrian routing - the routable topos produce crap routing) when  
designing firmware of units and maps we have to go this way. This also  
means I switch maps when I change from mountainbike/hiking to my car  
to get back. Because a map suitable for hiking can't work for caruse.  
I'm trying to get my maps working good for bycicling too - but that's  
not easy."  (extremecarver)

Das dürfte einiges erklären, insbesondere, dass es nicht Schuld der  
Karten-/Style-Programmierer ist, wenn das Routing nicht so  
funktioniert, wie erwartet.
Christoph könnte das Problem möglicherweise am einfachsten lösen, in  
dem er für verschiedene Anwendungen (Fahrrad, Fußgänger, Auto)  
unterschiedliche Layer verwendet, falls das Routing auch nur die Daten  
der aktiven Layer verwendet.


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