[Talk-de] [OSM-talk] Wrong weblink/page on wiki home page: Gemeinschafts-Portal (DE:Mapping_projects?)

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Mo Jan 2 12:32:09 UTC 2012

Hi Erik

Thanks for the hint. I also thought about that.
But I am very reluctant to use redirects to compensate mistakes.
In this case it's obvious that the original URL (and name!) should be corrected.
Is anybody here who is able to change the navigation link?

Yours, Stefan

2012/1/1 Erik Johansson <emj at kth.se>:
> On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 12:55, Stefan Keller <sfkeller at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Who is caring for the german translation of the current OSM wiki?
>> In the german GUI translation of the wiki homepage (Mediawiki) there
>> seems to be a void weblink: In the navigation panel, the weblink
>> "Gemeinschafts-Portal" points to
>> [[OpenStreetMap:Gemeinschafts-Portal]] which is an empty page. I think
>> this should point to [[DE:Mapping_projects]].
>> If this is the intended target URL then I pose the question if the
>> "Gemeinschafts-Portal" should'nt be translated as
>> "Gemeinschaftsprojekte"?
> In Swedish it links to: OpenStreetMap:Deltagarportalen which is also
> blank. But you can add a redirect, e.g.
> "#redirect[[DE:Mapping_projects]]" on
> OpenStreetMap:Gemeinschafts-Portal and you should get what you want.

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