[Talk-dk] Buildings and addressmarkers

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Man Dec 6 18:08:48 GMT 2010

On 06/12/2010, at 17.29, Thies Pierdola wrote:

> Hi Danmark,
> with the new Bing dataset released, I started drawing buildings.
> One simple question came up, what do I do with kms/address markers?
> 1) Leave them as they are?

Yes, please. We would like the OSAK nodes to be updated by a bot in  
the future, and moving them/changing their content will only disturb  
or complicate that process. If you remove one, it will likely be  
recreated by the bot when comes along to that street anyway.

> 2) Transfer the data to the new buildings and remove the markers?

> 3) Put them in some kind of relation?

You could duplicate the OSAK information for a building that only  
contains a single address, and you could create a relation for  
buildings with more then one address.  But frankly, I don't see the  
point. The address nodes work fine with routing algorithms, and what  
else do you need?

On a similar note, I considered assempling streets and address nodes  
in a associatedStreet relation, on a systematic level it seems  
logical, but again, I fail to see what it should be used for. A lot of  
added data and complexity (that needs maintenance) with any real  

> I hope there is some kind of convention about this. For now I leave  
> them as they are and just draw buildings, as i don't want to mess up  
> the address data.

That is exactly what we want, AFAIAC :-)


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