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Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen m.kirkgaard at gmail.com
Tor Aug 11 10:36:15 UTC 2016

Hej talk-dk.

Måske nogle her (udover Søren Johannesen som allerede er involveret)
kunne være interesseret i at få dette geo-event til at ske?


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Hey good open folks,

*Short version : *

A Nordic open geo & map data meetup/mini-conference is possible in
parallel with Hack4no, the open cultural data hackathon, at the end of
October, in Norway. (More details below, but a question first )

But,*we need to know how many people would be interested i coming,* and
how many might be interested in contributing to make the event happen (
more on the latter below too ).
There'll be tracks on different aspects of open geo/map data, as well as

*PLEASE fill in the doodle poll below,* mentioning whether you might be
interested in coming, as well as whether you might consider coming and
paying a small fee to cover some basic costs.


PLEASE answer as soon as possible - the poll closes on Sunday.

*Longer version : *

Some open people have voiced interest in having an open map data event,
and we've some preliminary interest from people who'd like to run
workshops and whatnot.
Kartverket, the mapping authority of Norway, the main organiser of
Hack4No, has said they could be interested in hosting a open map&geo
data event in parallel with Hack4No.
This is really nice of Kartverket, but to make it happen, we need to
know how many people could be interested in coming, and whether they'd
consider paying some small fee to cover some basic costs.

*Longer version - part Two*

If enough people are interested in attending, the next steps would be to
organise some tracks for the event. There's an academic/education,
business, civil society, etc… side to open map & geo data. it'd be great
to have an open call, get suggestions for content, and organise these
different tracks.
( We've already had some offers from the kind folks at Wikipedia, as
well as some others like Søren Johanssen, to run workshops on new
wikipedia mapping features, as well as open source mapping tools. ( Of
course, depending on how things go, it might or might not be possible to
run the workshops, but at least the will is there )).

I hope there's sufficient interest, and that we can proceed with
organising the event!

All the best,


miska michael knapek - your local illusionist (designer)
mob. +358-50-320-2616
web: http://knapek.org
animations: http://vimeo.com/miska
images: http://flickr.com/miska_too/sets
code/github: https://github.com/miskaknapek

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