[Talk-dk] Registrering af gravhøje

Lars Gravengaard larsbg at gmail.com
Søn Jan 14 22:38:48 UTC 2018

Great summary Jørgen

And why hide on IRC. There is no easy way us not on IRC to see that there
are being talk about :-(

A much bigger "crime" is the german maper that did not follow the danish
cycleway guidelines.


2018-01-14 23:07 GMT+01:00 Jørgen Elgaard Larsen <jel at elgaard.net>:

> Hi Frederik,
> You have caught the matters of fact at hand here quite precisely.
> But there is a broader context here:
> Hjart (Michael) does an enormous amount of work for OSM. As part of
> that, he zealously tries to educate other users how to follow OSM's
> guidelines.
> In most cases, he is absolutely right in his comments to other users.
> But unfortunately, he can be quite blunt.
> Because of that, Michael and Leif have been at each others' throats
> several times, to the point that Leif almost gave up mapping.
> Even though the main issue seems to be the license issue, Leif's
> grievance is not with the licensing (he has already offered to contact
> kulturarv.dk), but with the way he was contacted about it.
> The finer details is probably lost in the Google translation, but
> personally, I would also have taken offense in the way Michael handled
> this.
> Basically, if Michael had been a bit more polite and there hadn't been
> issues between Michael and Leif before, this probably wouldn't be an
> issue at all.
> - Jørgen
> P.S: For future reference: If you suspect someone of conducting a dodgy
> import, please don't say "You are doing something wrong. The rules are
> here. Why didn't you follow them?"
> A better approach would be "I am not sure what you are doing. Have you
> considered the copyright issues? If so, would you be interested in
> sharing your thoughts on the mailing list?"
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