[Talk-dk] Registrering af gravhøje

Jørgen Elgaard Larsen jel at elgaard.net
Søn Jan 14 22:07:47 UTC 2018

Hi Frederik,

You have caught the matters of fact at hand here quite precisely.

But there is a broader context here:

Hjart (Michael) does an enormous amount of work for OSM. As part of
that, he zealously tries to educate other users how to follow OSM's

In most cases, he is absolutely right in his comments to other users.

But unfortunately, he can be quite blunt.

Because of that, Michael and Leif have been at each others' throats
several times, to the point that Leif almost gave up mapping.

Even though the main issue seems to be the license issue, Leif's
grievance is not with the licensing (he has already offered to contact
kulturarv.dk), but with the way he was contacted about it.

The finer details is probably lost in the Google translation, but
personally, I would also have taken offense in the way Michael handled this.

Basically, if Michael had been a bit more polite and there hadn't been
issues between Michael and Leif before, this probably wouldn't be an
issue at all.

- Jørgen

P.S: For future reference: If you suspect someone of conducting a dodgy
import, please don't say "You are doing something wrong. The rules are
here. Why didn't you follow them?"

A better approach would be "I am not sure what you are doing. Have you
considered the copyright issues? If so, would you be interested in
sharing your thoughts on the mailing list?"

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