[Talk-GB] Is slightly hacky data better than no data?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Apr 24 09:50:52 BST 2007

Jonathan Bennett wrote:

> If I use the NPE maps to trace the route, the GPX I get is 20 or so
> metres out compared with the existing OSM data, even with calibration,
> but the shape of the way is spot on. Is using JOSM to shift the way into
> the "right" place better than leaving the gap?

I wouldn't even call this hacky. Alignment of the NPE maps is a bit  
out because of the rough-and-ready method used to rectify them - but  
if you can overcome that (as you're doing by aligning with connecting  
GPXs), the base cartography is plenty good enough.

I'm hopefully that we'll be able to make a big dent in areas of rural  
Britain using a similar method.


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