[Talk-GB] Fwd: designated cycleway, designated bridleway, designated footway

Rik van der Helm rik at the-quickest.com
Thu Aug 2 00:30:58 BST 2007

> The "designated" refers to their legal status, but in practise this is
> pretty much impossible to find out with copyright violations from the
> national mapping agency (the Ordinance Survey). Instead, we use
> signposts to determine the legal status of a particular route.

Ah thanks, that's a different meaning than I thought. So in UK the legal
status of ways are registered on a map which you are not allowed to use.
Sounds like proving your innocence in court without using lawbooks.

> I've no idea what the law is like in the Netherlands, but in the UK
> (and specifically England and Wales) it is quite prescriptive. The
> terms "bridleway" and "public footpath" have specific legal meanings,

Yes I know about that. We don't have this system (would love to have
it). I understand in fact there probably is legally spoken an extended
register of public roads,pathes available if you dig in (historic) road
registers from different authorithies. But these registers are a mess
and the authorities as closed as your OS. I am definitely not the person
who will dive in those registers and digitise them for OSM :(

Gr, Rik

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