[Talk-GB] How do I tag this cyckeway?

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Thu Aug 16 17:27:33 BST 2007

Dave Stubbs wrote:
> On 16/08/07, *Rik van der Helm* <rik at the-quickest.com 
> <mailto:rik at the-quickest.com>> wrote:
>     > > My own suggestion is:
>     > > whateverkey=road/track/path/trail (>4m/<4m/<2m/<1m)
>     > > cycle=yes;foot=yes
>     > > network=ncn;byway;burnswalk;kmtrail;
>     > > network_ref=ncn7
>     > > and if you like to gather info on the pavement, also:
>     > > surface=tarmac/concrete/cobblestone/grid/lime/shells/......
>     >
>     > Hmmm.. seems like you're twisting the problem to fit a different
>     > problem to me :-)
>     >
>     > highway=cycleway
>     > route=ncn;byway;burnswalk;kmtrail;
>     > ncn_ref=7
>     > foot=yes
>     >
>     > has a basic equivalence but using the existing tags.
>     I doubt whetter Dave's whole 'route' fits in 'highway=cycleway',
>     where
>     it is reserved for 'cycleways exclusive for cycles'. His posting makes
>     clear the route is mainly shared use. So Dave will have a hell of
>     a job
>     defining all those highways he's running along like
>     residential/service/track/tertiary/bridleway. 
> Ah, well, I've never actually come across a track/road/lane whatever 
> you want to call it that was *exclusively* for cyclists. That's not to 
> say that they don't exist, just that they're obviously not common 
> where I live. I don't interpret highway=cycleway to mean "exclusively 
> for bikes"... I interpret it to mean "signed, suggested, and good for 
> bikes". Given the number of other cycleways that are around the place 
> that I know for a fact are shared paths, I think that that's a pretty 
> common interpretation too.
I'm with you on that, if a route is wide enough for and bikes are 
allowed then it's a highway=cycleway, if it's not really really wide 
enough for bikes or bikes would need to be carefull then I go for 
highway=footway  bicycle=yes (We have a local organisation (SPOKES)  who 
produce a really good cycle map with cycle routes (highway=cycleway) as 
full purple line and cycle route but cyclists may need to get off or be 
careful as a dotted purple line I think of this as highway=footway  

I assume that highway=cycleway allows both bicycles and foot, as this is 
most common and that highway = footway is just for foot, unless 
otherwise stated.



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