[Talk-GB] How do I tag this cyckeway?

Dave_A_F d.a_web3 at fiddes.net
Thu Aug 16 22:04:39 BST 2007

Thanks to everyone who has contributed replies and ideas.

I think that proposed by Dave Stubbs seems to best cover things
> highway=cycleway
> route=ncn;byway;burnswalk;kmtrail;
> ncn_ref=7
> foot=yes

though I will have to add in the CTC Glenkiln Loop as another clause in
route ( as an aside the route takes you to a place where a local landowner
has set up scupltures by Moore, Epstein etc in the open country - well worth
the effort of a visit!) see also http://www.ctcscotland.org.uk/br2006/

The idea of entities seems at first sight attractive for putting together
high level things of this nature but I see it would still need a lot of low
level work to split ways up into the bits used by the entities. As such I
remain to be convinced that they could be made to work. I will watch with

>I doubt whetter Dave's whole 'route' fits in 'highway=cycleway', where
>it is reserved for 'cycleways exclusive for cycles'. His posting makes
>clear the route is mainly shared use. So Dave will have a hell of a job
>defining all those highways he's running along like

Sure will! along a mile or so the routes use newly built tracks,
residential, unclassified, and service roads and some existing paths through
a park. Fortunately each route gives a reason to go that way so by the time
I have explored them all!

To the discussion on whether a path is a cycleway or a footway I generally
agree they are pretty well synonymous except where there are definite signs
banning bikes. One exception in my home area is a wide seafront esplanade It
has always been open for cycling as well as walking etc. It is tagged as
footway, bicycle=yes because the pedestrians and their dogs and children
freely make use of the whole 20-30ft width and cyclists are generally
regarded as an intrusion. - Its fine at 7am.


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