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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Wed Aug 29 00:49:10 BST 2007

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80n wrote:
> Jono
> It was me.
> Yes, it really was surveyed, on foot, up to the point where there road
> will enter a tunnel (which hasn't been built yet).
> The road in question will be a trunk road when its done, and it would be
> nice for renderers to be able to show such roads in the appropriate
> colour but with a dashed marking or something to mark it's status.
> The under-construction tag is not very satisfactory and highlights a
> more general problem.  How to make tags more extensible?  We know two
> things about this road, firstly that it will be a trunk road, and
> secondly it is currently under construction.  Since renderers should not
> be expected to know about about tags that have not yet been invented,
> the under_constuction tag is not a good solution.
> I tagged it this way and left it like that, intending to come back to it
> when I had some better ideas about how to do it right.
> My current thoughts are that we need a tag like highway=construction
> which can then be qualified with the ultimate class of the road if it is
> known, producing highway=construction:trunk.  This would not get
> misinterpreted by renderers or other clients but still provide all the
> information required.
> Any other ideas or suggestions?

I think the right solution is to add a start_date tag with a date in the
future. This way renderers can change rendering automatically when the
date arrives. If you don't know the exact date, use a best guess.

Date format doesn't seem to be specified. I would use YYYY-MM-DD format.
Perhaps we should allow just YYYY and just YYYY-MM for cases where we
don't know more accurately e.g. I know the M1 opened in 1959, but I
don't know which month or day. Perhaps we could also allow clarification
after the date e.g. start_date="2007-10-01 Approximately" or something.

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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