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Frankie Roberto frankie at frankieroberto.com
Thu Sep 3 21:09:32 BST 2009

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the speedy response!

Is there really a bridleway right through the middle? Doesn't that play
> havock with the paying to get in?

There is indeed! It's kept completely separate from the zoo though by walls
on both sides. It's crossed by two bridges and the monorail.

> Tagging of 2 islands needs looking at: Lemur Island and one in Flamingo
> Lake

I've just removed the one in Flamingo lake. From memory, it's partly
submerged, and very muddy! Not sure how best to tag this.

Generally, I've not been sure how to tag the islands (there are lots of
them). Some of them are in man-made lakes (which I've tagged natural=water),
whereas others are just surrounded by water on 1-3 sides (which I've added
as non-navigable canals). The actual islands are sometimes wooded
(natural=wood?), sometimes mud, and sometimes more like grass or plains...

> Are there really three things called Lemur Island?

Actually, I think there's only one that's called 'Lemur Island' on the map,
but there are indeed three islands with Lemurs on them (different
species/sexes, I guess).

> You could experiment with using barrier=fence. I presume the collected
> Monkey bits have a fence round them?

Yep. Actually, there are a lot of fences. I've experimented with areas
tagged zoo=enclosure for a few bits, but that's a completely new invention
(I think).



Frankie Roberto
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