[Talk-GB] Just got this big apology from Gothy about the dodgy edit in Stratford

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 14 00:39:35 BST 2009

David Earl wrote:

> find out why people are making edits they think are harmless. Is the 
> Potlatch edit live, or is there something in the non-live version that's 
> misleading people into saving their edits. (I'm sure you'll be 
> encouraging as well - it's terribly embarrassing for someone when they 
> do this kind of thing).

I had a case like this in Belgium as well, today. Someone that 
apparently was screwing around in live editing mode, not realising that 
all changes were being uploaded.

The old Potlatch, before the Edit with save mode was added, asked very 
specifically if you wanted to be playing around to test, or be serious 
and edit. The current Edit with save vs Edit live modes make no real 
sense to a beginner, not in the way the old dialog conveyed that meaning.


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