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Tim François sk1ppy14 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 16:19:45 BST 2010

The idea of OSM, as I see it, is to create a free-as-in-speech map of the world. All data which goes into the map must be the same sort of 'free'. Whether that be surveying or "copying other people's maps" is irrelevant - the end goal is to create a complete map.

Encouraging people to start on OSM is difficult. Tracing the roads can be done today.

And as you say, many places on the OSM map have much better coverage than OS StreetView. I wasn't suggesting changing them because of OS StreetView. I'm just suggesting filling in the blank parts of the country as we have the data and resources to do so *now*. Or at least we should be discussing why we can and can't, which we are now - progress!!


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Tim François wrote:
> So the solution is to just leave it blank?
Maybe the soution is to encourage people to treat OSM as an outdoor 
sport, gathering GPS tracks and LOTS of extra data that no one else's 
maps have, rather than an armchair hobby copying other people's maps.

Cheers, Chris

P.S. There are large chunks of GB 'up North of Northampton' that are 
already better quality than OS Streetview

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