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David Earl wrote:
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>Personally I don't see the attraction of just sitting for hours in front
>of a computer duplicating someone else's product. For me the interest in
>OSM is the exploring, the wind in my face, the exercise. I think it's
>actually a shame that if people start tracing everywhere we can't say
>this is the fruit of our own labours. I'd still really like to complete
>Cambridgeshire by surveying. At 93%, we're so nearly there, and I'd
>really like to be able to say yes, *we* did it.

You have my support for this argument. With just a bit of effort we can
create a truly great map. We don't have aerial imagery in the West Mids, so
we have had to do it all on the ground, with the wind in our faces, and we
have explored and found out so much more about our own region that we never
knew before. That's what has made this project so much fun for me over the
last 4+ years. Yes, we have some areas with only 60 to 70% coverage, but
they are getting less and less each passing month. If we completed it all
tomorrow what would we all do with our time ;-)

>Where I think I'll use the OS base most is if I miss a street name by
>accident, and will save going back to check it. But poersonally I won't
>be spending yet more time at my computer mindlessly copying.


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