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I wrote this in expectation of sending to the west mids list only, but
decided to copy also to the talk-gb list as well. Apologies for cross


With the election process underway we might think about a topical map. If we
can get the ward boundary data into OSM in time then we could show a map
with some colouring that shows what the current lay of the land is in the
west mids and which are marginal seats, retiring candidates, etc etc.


It's just an idea and I appreciate that it needs a lot of work to see
fruition, but it's an opportunity should there be time to take up the
challenge. I'm sure there will be others who will be working on the
boundary-line data nationally, but I suspect they will take some time to get
moving and realise the data in OSM, like NaPTAN if we take and deal with our
little area we can perhaps push it on a bit.


I'm envisaging a manual process of ward placement on the basis of loading an
OSM file as a layer in josm for each ward boundary. These would need to be
generated from Boundary-Line shape file extract. I'm guessing the data we
need is in the DISTRICT_BOROUGH_UNITARY_WARD_REGION shapefile though need to
check the product user guide to be sure.




http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/index.html?bdy_wmids_summary.html is a
useful resource.


One fly in the ointment is that the ward boundaries in Boundary-Line are I
believe the 2009 positions and not the new ward boundaries that will shape
this next election. The changes are discussed in the User Guide (Annexe A).
I assume that OS OpenData Boundary Line will be updated to the new boundary
data in May, but I don't see anything specific on that yet. 








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