[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey

Tom Evans tom.evans.a at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 09:42:23 BST 2010

> While I understand what you're saying I think it's also important to
> recognize that we all have different ways to contribute. Some
> potential OSM contributors may not be interested in on-the-ground
> surveying, and some aren't interested in chair mapping.

Agreed from my point of view.  I only get the time to contribute 
fragments at the moment.  I've managed to build those up to a few 
villages bit by bit, and lots of other fragments round the country 
as I go away with family (so don't have dedicated mapping time).

I recognise this isn't as good as dedicating more time, but it's that 
or nothing.  I view it as a wiki and try to make it better than it 
was - I'm very reluctant to not improve something I know is missing 
or wrong, simply because of a possible effect on other contributions.

Other than that, +1 to the approach being followed on the OS data, 
and thanks for all the work thus far.  Cautious tracing by humans 
sounds good to me.


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