[Talk-GB] Strange OS choices

Seventy 7 seventy7 at operamail.com
Wed Apr 7 20:18:51 BST 2010

What odd choices OS have made in releasing this data! I've not had a good look until now, so I've only just realised that they've had all these layers and decided which to release and which to remove.

So they've removed paths but kept their names, removed parks but kept the water and wooded bits. I wonder what they were thinking and how they decided?

And this, in the centre of York

The dotted lines at right angles are the lines of the walls of the old Roman fort. There's no trace on the ground now apart from the odd plaque. The bits that aren't dotted, to complete the square, form the foundation of the existing city walls, which they've removed. 

Very strange!  

Anything else anyone's spotted?


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