[Talk-GB] Nonsense edits in Durham & London - revert required

David Dixon david at ddixon.force9.co.uk
Sun Apr 11 09:54:19 BST 2010

On 10/04/2010 23:03, Gregory wrote:
> Well spotted ddixon, some of those edits seem like clear "he he, you can
> change wikipedia to say what you like" edits. There have just been some
> accidental deletes in Canada and it seems like the way to deal with them
> is manually.
>>  To undelete a way, press u, wait 5–10 seconds for the deleted ways to
>>  load, select the way to undelete, and press k. To revert a way to an
>>  earlier version, select the feature, press k, choose the version, and
>>  click Revert.
>>  From the Potlatch documentation:
>>  *  undelete will always use the most recent version of each
>>  constituent node (even if it's moved)
>>  *  revert will use the historic version of each constituent node, but
>>  if that node is still visible and has moved somewhere else, it will
>>  generate a new node ID
> My mouse is far to sensitive in clicking (I think I need to clean it) to
> deal with Potlatch easily. Can you manage to put everything back?
> Please post the mailing list how the users respond.
> If there is no response and there are more edits (or your corrections
> get put back) then a block is likely needed, which can be done through
> OSM Foundation people (or at least they know who does it). Hopefully
> once the stuff is put back then the users will either contribute
> responsibly or move on to troll elsewhere.

Thanks Gregory.  Blackadder kindly forwarded my message to the data 
working group.  I've no idea what timescales they work to, but after 48h 
with no reply from anyone I went ahead and manually reverted the edits. 
  Since some of the changes included adding silly POIs to Downing Street 
I decided a speedy response was necessary.
I'm now keeping a close eye on the accounts in question...


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