[Talk-GB] National Cycle Network - filling the gaps

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 15:37:49 GMT 2010

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> On 8 March 2010 14:46, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
> > Gregory wrote:
> >
> >> On 8 March 2010 02:23, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>
> wrote:
> >>> - *To complete the C2C*: Forest section near Keswick - the one gap
> in
> >>> our coverage of the NCN's most popular route!
> >>>
> >> The end of the mapped route is marked on the ground by some blood
> and
> >> ambulance track marks.
> >
> > That sounds awfully familiar. My C2C attempt ended in a similar heap
> > of blood and gristle at the bottom of a hill where I'd spotted the
> > signpost too late.
> >
> > One of the reasons to improve OSM's NCN coverage is that future
> > cyclists can be warned in good time by the map on their Garmin,
> rather
> > than having to squint for a little blue sign. :)
> >
> > cheers
> > Richard
> >
> >
> Not a lot of use when the route goes through yet another gap that's
> not big enough for your bike, and you have to leap off, and go through
> sideways, holding your bike over you head yet  again, (This happens
> several times on NCN1 in Medway.... (and I'm not that fat really!) and
> that's when the route has not yet again taken some scenic diversion
> yet again around some bush....
> No help from any Garmin is going to help you follow and actual get
> along NCN1 (at about this point you give up and cycle along the A2
> (Which in this case has quite a nice cycle track along the side.)

Are you sure that you're following the official NCR1 through Medway, Peter?
Admittedly there are a few motorcycle inhibitors, but I've been able to take
a bike loaded with four panniers through there quite easily. I assume that
you turn your handlebars 45 degrees to pass through the motorcycle
inhibitors? (Oh, and if you're riding a tandem then I know that that's an
exception to the rule...).


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