[Talk-GB] Rebooting the NAPTAN import?

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 10:16:04 BST 2011

For those not aware, Christoph Böhme put together NOVAM:


A useful resource for checking out bus stop status in an area though I'm not
sure of its current status with respect to data reliability.


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>> a) Do not import any NaPTAN data in areas where imports have already
>> taken place. Experience shows that detailed survey & correction of
>> NaPTAN data is not to be undertaken lightly. IIRC about 10% is wrong.
>> The best data are for Hullwhere Chris Hill surveyed the lot. I have
>> done only about 20% of Nottingham's NaPTAN stops and have a similar
>> error rate. Unfortunately processing NaPTAN alongside primary
>> surveying just didnt prove viable, but there are plenty of stops which
>> no longer exist, have moved or dont exist on the ground.
>> b) Check with any mappers in the area before performing an import.
>> There may be good reasons why they have not requested one in the past.
>> c) The best approach would be to host current NaPTAN data in a
>> location where OSM data can be compared & then mappers could choose to
>import it.
>> Having an application which did this would be way more useful than
>> shoehorning NaPTAN data in on its own.
>I think this is a great idea Jerry, an app for people to compare what OSM
>already against what's in the latest version of NAPTAN, the data we were
>looking at was a few days old.
>What's the maximum area or number of points a tool like this would normally
>import? You don't want someone just selecting the whole of the UK & then
>importing them.
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