[Talk-GB] findmaps using OSM, and current situation regarding use of OS 'stuff' used in Google maps

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 6 17:46:06 BST 2011

Hi all,

Recently was made aware of Findmaps new free service that overlays a lot of
recently released UK data over maps.

The available background maps are 'google maps' 'osm mapnik' and OS.
You then chose to see several different datasets sourced, for example, from
Natural England and Ordnance Survey.
You can add (draw) you own basic shapes/lines/arrows, and print out a pdf.
Overall an excellent service

But it raises three issues.
1. The OSM map is called the "Urban Detail". Since Google Map gets called
Google Map it would of been nice to see OSM referred to as OSM. But I guess
the whole point of OSM is to provide maps (data) with a minimum of use

2. The use of OS data in Google Maps. I though this wasn't allowed. Last
time I looked at this there was a problem with googles terms of use, which
OS were not happy with. I remember thinking OS were in the right, and
remember a response from OS which suggested that other mapping sites could
be used. Since findmaps is clearly using OS data with with Google maps it
suggests the situation has changed. Does anybody have info on the current
state of play.

3. The use of Natural England data. Seems Natural England have an even more
complex set of terms and conditions for their data sets
I therefore find it hard to believe this data can be used in google maps.
Has there been any discussion about using Natural Englands data in OSM
because it does provide some very useful info (eg national trails)


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