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On 8 April 2011 18:49, Steve Doerr <doerr.stephen at gmail.com> wrote:

>  On 08/04/2011 17:27, David Fitzhugh wrote:
>  I am seeking some clarification about the figures presented in the table.
> Where a road,street,highway, lane etc is deemed to be missing, is it missing
> altogether or plotted but just not named. It would help to know what is
> being measured. I live in North Norfolk which seems to have a tremendous
> amount of catching up to do.
Nice to have you on board!

If you work on North Norfolk systematically you will find that it won't take
that long and even if you only do one part of it then that would be great.
Personally I start the the places nearest where I live and clear all the big
boxes (relating to long roads) in the area the first day. On the next
session I work on the small errors boxes the following day and then do a
mopping up exercise of the ones I missed and added my own errors on the
final day. I also tend to do the rural areas first and then 'creap up on the
big town'. I am working on Colchester at present and am ready to do the town
itself now. I do about 100 streets in a session.

You may alternatively choose to go slower and add more data richness to the
area from Bing and OS Streetview and not even attempt to clear a whole
district. One can added lots of paths, zebra crossings, landuse etc from
Bing which is really useful.

If I find conficts between OS Locator and OSM with different names for the
same road (which is less of a problem where these is less mapping already
done) I use a variety of methods to decide if there is an clear winner.
Firstly I type the street into google search (not google maps) and normally
house searches results will come up with a favourite and that is the one I
go with. It might also come up with an address for a  business on the street
etc. If it isn't clear from that then I leave it for a local person to sort
out later. I might in that case add a 'fixme=name needs to be checked, OS
Locator says 'fdsffds' ' or something.



> Can be either. Can also be named, but with a different name.
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> Steve
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