[Talk-GB] Tagging areas with paid access

monxton gmane at jordan-maynard.org
Sun Apr 10 19:55:39 BST 2011

On 10/04/2011 09:22, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Hi,
> Near me there are a couple of areas with paid access only - Marwell Zoo
> and Exbury Gardens. Original tagging for the latter is foot=permissive
> which seems inappropriate as you have to pay to get in, and
> foot=permissive suggests completely open access.
> What would others do in this situation? access=private is probably more
> appropriate than foot=permissive but still doesn't 100% convey the
> situation on the ground. access=paid or foot=paid?

amenity=parking has the tag access=customers. This seems similar.

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