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>         On 9 April 2011 08:15, Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com
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>            We seem to be nudging towards something close to a conclusion.
>            Can I suggest that the following two methods are valid, however
>            the second one should be considered to be 'better' and
>         where it is
>            used then it should be retained to avoid edit warring.
>         ...

>            Method 2
>         maxspeed=60 mph
>         maxspeed:type=GB:rural
>         source:maxspeed=survey

Great - someone has now changed a bunch of "maxspeed=national" locally 
to me to to "maxspeed=60 mph".  Next I guess someone will come along and 
"source:maxspeed=i_was_sat_in_my_armchair_and_it_seemed_like_a_good_idea" or 

We've lost the information that the sign is actually NOT a 60 mph sign.  
Something like method 2 above would have avoided losing information 
(although "GB:rural" is meaningless; if pushed, "GB:national" or some 
variant would be better).


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