[Talk-GB] Roadside cycle-lanes vs. off-road cycle-paths

Phil Endecott spam_from_osmgb at chezphil.org
Fri Apr 15 20:32:13 BST 2011

David Earl wrote:
> On 15/04/2011 19:50, David Earl wrote:
>> there's various lane indications such as
>> cycleway=lane
> ...
> PS if you want examples, Cambridge and the surrounding area is 
> particularly dense with all the variations of these all over the place.

Indeed, I live in Cambridge...

A good example is Trumpington Road, where OSM has "Trumpington 
Cycleway" as a separate way parallel to the road.  It is tagged just 
highway=cycleway, name="Trumpington Cycleway".  There is something 
similar on Grange Road.  "Barton Cycleway" has a more comlex set of 
tags, but I don't see any obvious filter criteria to distinguish these 
from "cross country" cycle paths.

Thanks,  Phil.

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