[Talk-GB] OSM Contributor Terms vs OS OpenData Licence

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Apr 18 18:30:59 BST 2011

I'd just like some clarification on this. I have contributed a very, very small amount of data via OS OpenData (Haslemere and Andover IIRC but such a small amount that it won't take long to re-survey - feel free to delete any "nickw" edits in those areas with source=OS Open Data) but being such a small amount I *did* accept the CTs. So I take it that now I've signed I can't contribute any more OS stuff? No big deal if so,as almost all my mapping is GPS survey sourced, but would like confirmation that this is indeed the case and there do seem to be slightly differing opinions on this issue.


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Subject: [Talk-GB] OSM Contributor Terms vs OS OpenData Licence

I've just declined the new OSM Contributor Terms (CTs), because I've
previously made edits based on OS OpenData, and my understanding is
that the Ordnance Survey (OS) OpenData Licence is incompatible with
the current version of the OSM Contributor Terms (1.2.4).

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