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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Feb 2 18:09:24 GMT 2011

I see little value in keeping this data. As people have already said the
quality is poor and relevance to osm is limited. If people want it for a
specialist application then they can integrate it separately into their
final application. Indeed, I wonder if anyone has every used this data as it
stands in osm. I would also like to say that there was very limited
discussion on importing it in the first place if I remember correctly.

I vote for pulling it out.



On 2 February 2011 12:51, SK%3 <SK53_osm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

>  The pay-scale areas are in principle useful, but their quality varies
> significantly. Mostly they correspond to the area used with the PlusBus
> scheme (add on day bus tickets which can be bought with a train ticket), but
> the ones I'm familiar with correspond to general day ticket zones.
> The Nottingham one is particularly woeful (and probably out-of-date) as it
> seems to just consist of a polygon connecting locations on major roads
> approximating to the fare stage position, and thus loses lots of detail
> about where its possible to get to using a day ticket, see
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-transit/2009-August/000461.html.
> In practice the only way to obtain accurate information about the extent of
> the zones in Nottingham is to ask bus drivers about how far a given ticket
> is valid. When bus passes just had local validity asking any pensioner would
> have been as effective. In other words this information is needed and is
> currently poorly communicated: see if you can obtain a leaflet showing the
> edge of the fare zone with any degree of accuracy at a local bus station,
> council office or library.
> Visualising fare zones would be useful on public transport maps, but I'm
> not aware of any detailed suggestions for doing so on OSM. I did have a stab
> at a better outline for the Nottingham area in Kosmos, which I've now put on
> Flickr <http://www.flickr.com/photos/sk53_osm/5409852539/>. Also, someone
> did visualise them as a tool for identifying unmapped areas.
> Cheers,
> Jerry
> On 02/02/2011 10:40, Bob Kerr wrote:
>   Hi,
>  I am presently doing some tracing in Dumfries and there is a way which is
> marked public_transport=pay_scale_area. It is part of a Naptan import. The
> area seems to be vague and is cutting across a number of areas where I am
> doing some detailed work.
>  Is there a good reason that this should still be kept?
>  Cheers
>  Bob
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