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The pay-scale areas are in principle useful, but their quality varies 
significantly. Mostly they correspond to the area used with the PlusBus 
scheme (add on day bus tickets which can be bought with a train ticket), 
but the ones I'm familiar with correspond to general day ticket zones.

The Nottingham one is particularly woeful (and probably out-of-date) as 
it seems to just consist of a polygon connecting locations on major 
roads approximating to the fare stage position, and thus loses lots of 
detail about where its possible to get to using a day ticket, see 
In practice the only way to obtain accurate information about the extent 
of the zones in Nottingham is to ask bus drivers about how far a given 
ticket is valid. When bus passes just had local validity asking any 
pensioner would have been as effective. In other words this information 
is needed and is currently poorly communicated: see if you can obtain a 
leaflet showing the edge of the fare zone with any degree of accuracy at 
a local bus station, council office or library.

Visualising fare zones would be useful on public transport maps, but I'm 
not aware of any detailed suggestions for doing so on OSM. I did have a 
stab at a better outline for the Nottingham area in Kosmos, which I've 
now put on Flickr <http://www.flickr.com/photos/sk53_osm/5409852539/>. 
Also, someone did visualise them as a tool for identifying unmapped areas.



On 02/02/2011 10:40, Bob Kerr wrote:
> Hi,
> I am presently doing some tracing in Dumfries and there is a way which 
> is marked public_transport=pay_scale_area. It is part of a Naptan 
> import. The area seems to be vague and is cutting across a number of 
> areas where I am doing some detailed work.
> Is there a good reason that this should still be kept?
> Cheers
> Bob
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