[Talk-GB] Reclassification of English highway network consultation

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Mon Feb 7 18:01:47 GMT 2011

On 07/02/11 17:52, Ralph Smyth wrote:

> The classification of UK roads on OSM very much follows official
> designations, whereas in other countries it takes more account of what's
> on the ground. Part of the DfT's justification for these proposals is to
> enable local authorities to change highway designations so that they
> reflect the type of road and its use better.

If this is the thing that was on the news last week about allowing 
councils to change road classifications so that SatNav's wouldn't use 
them then it's basically batshit crazy anyway - who is the idiot in 
government that thinks SatNav's are automatically following local 
government road classification changes...

> The main difference in rendering between OSM and OS seems to be that the
> latter tends to show minor roads in yellow (with a narrower version for
> sub 4m width), then other roads etc. as white, while OSM makes a
> distinction between classified and unclassified. I'm not sure where the
> suggestion in key:highway that the presence of centre line (median)
> markings determines whether a road is classified or not: I don't think
> it's correct. I think differentiating on width would be more useful for
> OSM in the UK in future.

I think you're confused about OSM here... Below "secondary" which we use 
for B roads we have "tertiary" which renders as pale yellow on the 
mapnik layer and "unclassified" which renders white. Those pretty much 
relate to the two classifications the OS use.

We don't specifically use width as the differentiator, if only because 
our surveyors are not generally equipped to determine that, but instead 
tend to use how busy it is/how much of a through route it is.

> In relation to how to tag Home Zones and Quiet Lanes (exert from Andy's
> email on this at end), in the UK they are merely a designation (e.g.
> signs going up as well as a peculiar designation order) whereas in other
> countries Home Zones are a separate classification of the official road
> hierarchy. But this is a really technical legal point: would it not be
> better to do just the same as other countries?

Well I assume people would use the living_street type if they thought 
that was appropriate, though I don't think I did for the only place 
where I have ever encountered one when mapping.

> - Does OSM tag Primary Destinations for the Primary Route Network? This
> could be useful for giving greater priority to displaying text for such
> tags on lower zoom levels. Similarly for destinations used in cycle
> network signage etc.

We don't tag destinations, no. It's not really clear where you would tag 
it as for single carriageways we only have one object representing both 
directions of travel.

> - Do any Satnav providers use OSM data or is this likely in the future?
> E.g. if Peter Miller's proposal for subjective data to be gathered in
> some way?

Yes - Skobler use it to start with.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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