[Talk-GB] Incorrect use of OS VectorMap District when mapping?

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 9 18:42:53 GMT 2011

OS VectorMap District is an excellent source of data for features like
streams and woodland, but these layers of data tend to be a bit of a mess
and need to be stitched together as part of a method in importing into OSM.
eg Streams will end when they meet a bridge, then reappear the other side of
the bridge, so for OSM you need to link all the separate sections of the
streams into one long stream

Started to notice that the VectroMap District data in its "raw" state has
started to appear in the map, from more than one mapper
You can see stream are broken presumably at locations of bridges, and
woodland has strips missing presumably along paths (and is also made up of
several sections if you look at it in an editor)

Doesn't appear to be guidance in the wiki about how to deal with VectorMap
District. I just want to check I'm right in thinking this is the wrong way
to go about it? If so I'll try and write up some guidance in the wiki.

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