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Laurence Penney lorp at lorp.org
Mon Feb 14 21:15:16 GMT 2011

Stunning work, Andy. I've recently been pointing people to Sutton Coldfield as an example of the standard to which we Bristolians should be aspiring.

One rambling question for now... As one maps an area in such detail, what kind of principle do you operate when you encounter useful information that can't yet usefully[1] go into OSM for now. The blurry lines between pub, bar, cafe, restaurant and fast food are well-known examples, that I am often tempted to represent using the semicolon. Buildings with multiple uses, such as art centres with galleries, cinemas and cafe-bars, are another common complexity for which multiple nodes feels like a hack that will cause too much information, or at least too much text, on most renderers. And you mention the issue of multiple floors - Bristol's new Cabot Circus shopping centre is a scary mapping prospect on that score alone. Maybe in other words I'm asking: how often and with what methodology do you use the 'note' key?

- L

[1] i.e. render, or be useful in other well-known OSM-powered services... or at least be added without confusing simple-minded renderers that can't handle "amenity=cafe;bar"

On 14 Feb 2011, at 13:31, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:

> http://blog.mappa-mercia.org/2011/02/whats-in-postcode.html
> Cheers
> Andy
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