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On 14 February 2011 21:15, Laurence Penney <lorp at lorp.org> wrote:

> One rambling question for now... As one maps an area in such detail, what
> kind of principle do you operate when you encounter useful information that
> can't yet usefully[1] go into OSM for now. The blurry lines between pub,
> bar, cafe, restaurant and fast food are well-known examples, that I am often
> tempted to represent using the semicolon. Buildings with multiple uses, such
> as art centres with galleries, cinemas and cafe-bars, are another common
> complexity for which multiple nodes feels like a hack that will cause too
> much information, or at least too much text, on most renderers. And you
> mention the issue of multiple floors - Bristol's new Cabot Circus shopping
> centre is a scary mapping prospect on that score alone. Maybe in other words
> I'm asking: how often and with what methodology do you use the 'note' key?

I've had the same problem.

As a rule of thumb for the bar/cafe/restaurant scenario I just go with the
main use. Most restaurants have bars, most cafes serve some sort of food, we
have to decide at some point which kind of amenity it is.

For places like art centres I similarly assume that if it's big it probably
has a bar or cafe, etc. If you see an arts centre on a map, chances are you
know if it has a bar or at least you can ask at reception. The main problem
with this is where somebody wants to pull off data for bars and they don't
get a really well loved bar in an arts centre. Data, rather than map, users
are unlikely to use judgement quite so well for each individual case. The
solution would be something like the toilets tag, but that could end up
simply turning "amenity=cafe" into "cafe=yes" for every amenity tag!

Multi-floor buildings are tricky. Most are homes on top of a shop, which I
ignore, but if there is for example a separate cafe on top of a shop I'd put
a duplicate polygon on top.

Now I have two reasons to be glad for the lack of shopping malls round my


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