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Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Feb 15 13:41:59 GMT 2011

On 15 February 2011 13:36, Laurence Penney <lorp at lorp.org> wrote:

> "We have to"... Why? If there are things that are undoubtedly cafe-bars in
> the world, with its main use depending whether you're a pensioner or a
> hipster (Bristol has at least 10 such on Gloucester Road alone), why on
> earth can they not be mapped? Even if Mapnik doesn't like semicolons, it
> might still accept the string "cafe;bar" (and "bar;cafe"), or "cafe-bar". In
> France there are tens of thousands of cafe-bar-tabacs - currently they're
> mapped with a random value from that lot, which is crazy.

Yes, fair enough.

> What I hate most of all is the loss of information that occurs at the "have
> to decide at some point" stage. The note field could save some of this
> usefully, even if unstructured in form.

I'd appeal against using "note" for anything other than notes to fellow
mappers, e.g. as a reminder to go back and add both cafe/bar uses when we
work out the tagging. It's not much use when processing data.


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