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Hi Lawrence,

I tend to try and tag stuff with its primary purpose. If I really do think
its more than one then I either split the object up (eg separate retail
outlets within one building) or occasionally use a semicolon (like on bus
stops to denote the multitude of route_ref's). Anything more complicated I
ignore (though I may have made a note) on the basis that the low hanging
fruit rule ok!

I use the note tag mostly for some piece of information I want to convey to
the next person visiting the object.


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>Stunning work, Andy. I've recently been pointing people to Sutton Coldfield
>an example of the standard to which we Bristolians should be aspiring.
>One rambling question for now... As one maps an area in such detail, what
>kind of principle do you operate when you encounter useful information that
>can't yet usefully[1] go into OSM for now. The blurry lines between pub,
>cafe, restaurant and fast food are well-known examples, that I am often
>tempted to represent using the semicolon. Buildings with multiple uses,
>as art centres with galleries, cinemas and cafe-bars, are another common
>complexity for which multiple nodes feels like a hack that will cause too
>information, or at least too much text, on most renderers. And you mention
>the issue of multiple floors - Bristol's new Cabot Circus shopping centre
is a
>scary mapping prospect on that score alone. Maybe in other words I'm
>how often and with what methodology do you use the 'note' key?
>- L
>[1] i.e. render, or be useful in other well-known OSM-powered services...
>at least be added without confusing simple-minded renderers that can't
>handle "amenity=cafe;bar"
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>> Cheers
>> Andy
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