[Talk-GB] Enfield update

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Sun Feb 20 11:03:28 GMT 2011

On 19 February 2011 10:50, Steve Chilton <S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk> wrote:

> After much survey and onground detective work work Enfield has 100% OS
> Locator > OSM roads match.
> It is first London Borough and largest authority (by road length) to do so.
> Next: completing all buildings.
> Am on what is probably my 4th iterative walk/cycle pass through whole
> Borough, collecting addresses and refining landuse as I go.

Congratulations! Good work. Interesting that you only found 9 errors in OS
Locator, Southwark has 38 errors with 37 discrepancies left to check.


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