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Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 09:31:06 GMT 2011

Hi everyone

I met the two artists planning this work last night -  it's a   project at
the MAC (http://www.macarts.co.uk/event/plan-b-a-day-in-the-life). Dan is an
occasional contributor to and regular advocate of OpenStreetMap

He has   been collecting every journey he makes with a GPS since 2003 and
his partner has also been doing this since 2007 - you can see some of the
results of this on http://planbperformance.net/dan/mapping.htm and
Now they are working to bring an awareness of this kind of technology to a
wider public and are working with the Fierce Festival and the MAC on 'A Day
in the Life - a Walking Map of Birmingham' for which they ask people to drop
into the MAC, pick up a GPS and take it around with them for a day. Out of
this they plan to make an animation which will be presented at the MAC
during the Fierce Festival from 22-27 March. They are also interviewing
people about their experiences tracing their journeys in this way, showing
them talking about their section of the animation. Already 27 people have
loaned GPS loggers from the MAC

So I promised them that I'd get local mappers to submit some GPX tracks
which represent your daily walking travels ( no buses,bikes or other
mechnical means). Lots of traces already covering the city centre so some
nice tracks from Perry Barr and Sutton Coldfield please! As many days as you
can "! Email gpx tracks to dan at planbperformance.net letting him know yours
is a mappa-mercia contribution.

I'm also going to alert the brum social media crowd and try and get some OSM
leaflets to the MAC to see if any of the people who are contributing might
blossom into mappers


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