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Jonathan Harley jon at spiffymap.net
Tue Jan 18 11:47:16 GMT 2011

On 18/01/11 11:02, Chris Saunter wrote:
> I have an iOS app that renders vector map data on the fly, to allow
> configurable rendering with selectable views (contours, waterways
> etc).  Streaming data to the app is a bit of a problem, so it runs
> from an offline binary cache that is pre-optimised for fast rendering.
> I can imagine a similar approach for OSM as a whole, where there is a
> vector data server that provides data pre-optimised for configurable,
> on the fly rendering.  This could then be used in a variety of ways
> such as:
> 1) Custom viewer applications, mobile or desktop - with local cacheing
> of vector data this is blindingly fast
> 2) Browser based viewer using javascript - this could be a hybrid
> bitmap/vector renderer that annotates bitmap tiles
> The key thing is to make a vector viewing tool, not a full-blown GIS
> tool - so an emphasis on redraw speed and ease of use over raw power.

You've just imagined our first product, which is a javascript vector map 
viewing tool. We'll be launching it in a few weeks and OSM data is one 
of the data options (we have a highly optimised internal format rather 
than taking data directly from OSM). However it will not be free.

We're an un-funded (as yet) startup, so we can't afford to give stuff 
away at this point - but if someone had a way of paying for our server 
costs we'd be very happy to host these kinds of specialised views of OSM 


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