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On 20/01/2011 11:10, Jerry Clough - OSM wrote:
> Certainly the Grantham Canal is a good place to clarify how to tag 
> canals in various states of disuse: ...

> ... Cromford Canal from Cromford to Ambergate ...

Mea culpa for parts of both of those.  I think that I used "canoeable" 
(i.e. having some water in it) as indicating whether it was a "canal"or 
a "derelict_canal".  Neither appear to be regularly used/usable for 
canal boats now; in the case of the Grantham canal as has already been 
mentioned it's piped under some roads and has trees growing in it in 
places; in the case of that stretch of the Cromford canal much of what 
the nature reserve now preserves would be obliterated if you took a boat 
down it.

Suggestions for improved disused canal tagging are welcome - something 
that distinguishes between "not usable by traditional canal boats", "has 
no water in it" and "path still clearly visible as an indentation in the 
landscape".  In the case of the Grantham canal outside of Nottingham 
there's probably enough descriptive information there to retag it 
without a visit if someone's keen.

On 20/01/2011 11:20, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> The modern-day Friends of the Cromford Canal occasionally run boat trips
> there, I think.

I suspect that you could probably get a larger boat along the top bit 
(just south of Ambergate) without too many issues, but I think the 
bottom bit had signs suggesting not to disturb anything.

I do see occasional leaflets in pubs from the Friends of the Cromford 
Canal, suggesting rejoining some of the sections, but the size of the 
task ahead of them is substantial.

In OSM there are disused sections of that still mapped from NPE I 
believe, so there's more to be done there too.


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