[Talk-GB] Copyright issues of checking details on other websites

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Jul 5 11:26:41 BST 2011

David Earl wrote:
> Even then, to infringe database copyright under UK law you would have to
> copy a "substantial" part of the database. Checking or obtaining a few
> names against such a list isn't database copyright infringement

Oh, absolutely. The thing I've always been anxious about, though, is that
J Random Mapper checking 5 addresses from tesco.com isn't substantial, and
K Random Mapper checking 5 random addresses isn't, and L Random Mapper...

...but when you get to every OSM-GB contributor checking five addresses,
yes, it probably is. And we don't have any way of saying "ok, we've taken
enough from tesco.com".

(I was about to say that I'd chosen a bad example with Tesco as they
presumably want you to know where their stores are, but then, you'd have
thought you could say the same of ATOC, and they're famously protective
about letting people know where their trains are...)


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