[Talk-GB] Adding new bus stops from NaPTAN

Peter J Stoner stonerpj at mytraveline.info
Mon Sep 19 10:48:07 BST 2011

In message <CAK5An89pm9i_BOnCkF39wz0+THwdp6+njGN83MaEv3DXioWrgw at mail.g 
          Craig Loftus <craigloftus+osm at googlemail.com> wrote:

> I came across a stop that has been added since the import, so I found
> the stop data in the NaPTAN release on data.gov.uk, parsed it with
> naptan2osm and added.

> Specifically: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/1436667392

> I just thought I'd best check that there are not objections to using
> data from more recent NaPTAN releases?

There would be no objection from the Traveline point of view of using 
the NaPTAN data released on data.gov.uk

> I realise the data.gov.uk release are not the most up to date, but the
> Terms and Conditions on the travelinedata.org.uk are missing.

I will be happy to add something to travelinedata.org.uk if it will 
clarify.  However the terms and conditions are those on data.gov.uk 
and we don't want to suggest there are any additional terms.

Prior to NaPTAN being on data.gov.uk Traveline provided OSM with a 
snapshot of the latest data.  We don't rule out being able to do that 
again but data.gov.uk is probably a good way to get the data.

Best wishes

Peter J Stoner
UK coordinator

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