[Talk-GB] Added road schemes announced in the Autumn Statement in OSM

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 11 23:17:01 GMT 2012

This subject kind of came up when the HS2 route was announced and made
available as open data. I didn't agree with that proposed route being added
to Openstreetmap, because I didn't feel the likelihood of it happening was
high enough.

Below is my, slightly amended, views on 'proposed' routes
*"I've only added one 'proposed' route and that was in winter 2011. The
route was South Devon Link Road
which was proposed in the 1950's, but constantly been put to the back of
the funding queue. Last summer as the likely hood of it happening started
to increase I looked at the 'proposal' tag wiki page for the first time,
and it wasn't much help. Looking at the 50 years of setbacks this route
suffered I think it demonstrates a route must be "likely certain" to
proceed before it's added to the map. For the UK I think this means three
1. The proposal has, at least, outline planning permission
2. The proposal has funding in place
3. The proposal is also likely certain to be acted on. (eg Not proposed for
10 years in the future when things could be different, or the funding could
have disappeared)

So for the South Devon Link Road, I added it this winter after (1) It had
planning permission, (2) funding had been allocated and (3) the local
authorities announced they're proceeding with the project next year.
The HS2 had funding in place (although is reasonable to be cynical about
spending allocated to future governments), and is likely to proceed, but it
does not have planning permission for a very contentious route."*

I consider the announed schemes to meet tests 2 & 3, but I guess some dont
have any form of planning permission yet? Normally I'd suggest we wait
until planning permission is approved (if necessary), but these road works
are of national interest and unlikely to have to deal with significant
planning issues.

(just noticed my work on the South Devon Link Road and surrounding area has
been deleted, then the same info re-added by someone else! I've been
cleansed from the history.)

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