[Talk-GB] Added road schemes announced in the Autumn Statement in OSM

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 09:37:06 GMT 2012

Jason Cunningham wrote:
> (just noticed my work on the South Devon Link Road and surrounding area has been
> deleted, then the same info re-added by someone else! I've been cleansed from
> the history.)

This is the more 'irritating' bit here. People spending a substantial amount of 
time doing work that someone else simply removes! I'll bang on again about 
secondary databases where the likes of these 'proposals' can be staged prior to 
their physical appearance, but the more annoying aspect of this moving forward 
is the simple scrapping of the current on the ground situation which IS 
perfectly valid information. Taking the A11 developments as an example, all of 
the current routing is nicely mapped, so displaying '2012' version of the map 
requires no 'extra' mapping. It would be nice to be able to roll back show the 
roads development over time, and there are people around who would contribute 
that material if a mechanism was available to fill in the gaps. It's the current 
lack of a mechanism to use/display current historic data that needs addressing?

A slightly different example of this is looking at historic data in change sets. 
I'm probably spoilt with some of the comparison tools when looking at 
differences between versions of a file or changeset. But it would be nice to see 
a graphical 'diff' between version of object history in OSM ...

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