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Forwarded to see if my bounce issues have been resolved.

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Donald asked:
> Any pointers much appreciated.

I’ve not tried it, but it looks like 
might help.

If it works as I suspect I'd extract the local ones to an OSM file
and then use that as a separate layer in JOSM (possibly Potlatch2,
though am less sure about how to do this) to compare with what is
already in.

Being in Essex the bus stops were imported some time ago, and I've
verified many locally, but still not all. However I'm aware of
routes that have changed, and in particular Colchester bus station
(a little outside my normal mapping area) moved last month, so I
might watch for the next update and compare then, so if you do try
the above and it works for you I'd be interested to hear how it

I'm hoping that http://mappa-mercia.org/novam// is still being
updated as I (used to) use that to check which of the imported stops
I've checked (I use the Hull colour scheme).


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