[Talk-GB] The Monsal Trail in Derbyshire

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Sat Dec 15 18:44:24 GMT 2012

A couple of weeks ago I spent a very cold day walking up and down part 
of the Monsal Trail - essentially from Little Longstone to the A6.

It has been remapped since the tunnels reopened, but is in places a bit 
of a hodge-podge, so I propose to standardise it a bit as follows:

o Instead of the mixture of highway=cycleway, highway=path and 
highway=track that exists currently, replace with highway=track 
throughout (it's all wide enough for the trail maintenance folks' Land 
Rovers), but with appropriate access tags (which is I think* foot and 
bicycle=yes or permissive, and probably horse=yes or permissive, 
vehicle=no) and also surface and lit tags.

o Where the name tag incorporates both a tunnel name and a trail name 
(like with way http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/116465140) move 
the tunnel name to some other tag.  Although I'm normally sqeamish about 
having paths labelled after the most well-known trail that uses them, in 
the case of the Monsal Trail I'm tempted to leave the "name=Monsal 
Trail" labelling, because that's what the locals would refer to it as.

o Some of the ways that formed the old Monsal Trail before the tunnels 
reopened are still present in OSM (and in some cases far from obvious on 
the ground).  Where these are tagged as bicycle-appropriate but clearly 
aren't I'll remove that tagging; in other case if it looks like a way's 
no longer in use I'll stuck some kind of fixme or note on it.  Another 
example is the "cycleway" linking the Monsal Trail and Cressbrook that 
is barely discernable as a footpath.  Investigating all those is 
definitely a summer job, though.

o Where joining paths are pretty obviously in the wrong place (according 
to a GPS trace each way, other people's traces, and what you can make of 
the imagery) I'll move them, but otherwise I'll not mess with the geometry.

Anyway, if anyone disagrees or wants to suggest changes to any of the 
above please shout up - I'm asking here first rather than jumping in and 
just changing to avoid going around in circles with different people's 


* If anyone could correct this I'd be grateful if they could fill in 
here.  I'm pretty sure what's there now (which implies vehicle=yes) 
isn't correct - if someone tried to start a horse carriage service from 
the A6 to Little Longstone I'm sure that it would be frowned upon.

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