[Talk-GB] The Monsal Trail in Derbyshire

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Wed Dec 19 00:36:45 GMT 2012

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I'll go with "cycleway", since that seems to be the most popular 
description of it.  I'll try and address the sense of "2 abreast is 
possible" and "an ambulance can get down there if necessary" by sticking 
a width tag on it.

Re the other thoughts:

Although there is already a Monsal Trail relation*, I think that if you 
asked a local "what's the name of that thing those people are walking 
along" they'd say "The Monsal Trail", rather than e.g. "The Pennine 
Bridleway" (another route relation that runs down here) or "the former 
Midland Railway".

I'll move the tunnel names to "tunnel:name".

I won't delete the "over the top" paths (I added some of them myself in 
2009!), although these will need resurveying when it's a bit warmer and 
dryer.  Some of the paths do still exist (including at least one signed 
as access land), but some don't (or at least there's a new fence in the 


* and "adding route names as way names incorrectly" was my contribution 
to this "pet peeve" help question:

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