[Talk-GB] Marking landuse and field boundaries

Steven Horner steven at stevenhorner.com
Mon Dec 31 21:17:30 GMT 2012

Personally I would love to see fields (landuse) and the walls/fences that
make this up marked on OSM but as per the Wiki this is a complicated area:

I mapped a small area with landuse and some fences months ago but refrained
from doing anymore because not many others appear to be doing it. You can
see what I did here:

Some of this I need to fix, it was my early days of OSM editing.

I would love to use OSM one day as a replacement for Explorer (25K) maps
but until things like walls/fences are shown it would be hard to do. My
idea was to use the OSM to produce some walking guides in printed or static
form but they would need this data added for those areas.

I know everyones view is different but do others on here use the landuse
and barrier=fence tags in the same way or does it make it look too

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