[Talk-GB] Example of OSM National Turst property map?

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 06:36:17 GMT 2012

Not quite what you asked for, but your question persuaded me to do
something that I have intended to do for ages, which is to map where the
National Trust / English Heritage properties are on the map, so you can
have a look at how they have been mapped

You can see a very quick go at it here:  http://maps3.org.uk/EH_NTMap.
(if you click on one of the coloured markers, there is a link to the OSM
object in the popup).

I know it is not National Trust, but I am quite pleased with Dover Castle (
even if I forgot to add the 'operator' tag to make it appear on my new

I think there is a lot of scope for micro-mapping these sort of places, but
we could do with a specific rendering - castles especially need rendering
for embankments and ditches to give an impression of the topography,
country houses need flower beds etc.   I did start a style to render Dover
Castle like that...will see if I can find an example for you, but I think
it is a long way off being something you would use to show off!.



Graham Jones
Hartlepool, UK.
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